Tracing Your Ancestor’s Parish Records, a Guide for Family and Local Historians



Tracing family history has become a very popular activity. The Internet and television programs have spurred fresh interest, but one of the rich sources of information is to be found in Parish Records. This book provides a fascinating tour of the nature and accessibility of these local records, providing a wealth of information, showing how and why the records were kept and what information they can provide. This book is an obvious first choice for anyone starting to research the origins of their family, but it also provides images and text that is interesting also as a clear insight into local affairs and the taxation due to the Church in tithes, dating back to the period when the Church was effectively a State within a State, owing its loyalty to the Pope. An excellent read.

The author has produced one of the most interesting books on the subject and the inclusion of many images through the body of the book has painted a picture that contains many absorbing facts and surprises.Highly recommended.

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