One Man’s War, an Actor’s Life at Sea 1940-1945



Just when you think that everything that could be written about WWII has been, up pops a new book that proves there is still so much to be written and, in the case of autobiographies and biographies, so little time to write it. The author has more than fifty years of acting and taking part in iconic television series. That means that those who know of him are unlikely to think of anything beyond his acting career. This book sets out with charm and humour the story of his wartime career as a skipper commanding an important type of coastal craft and the great adventure that it was for him. Joining the Royal Navy as a humble rating, he rose to commission and command of coastal forces vessels. The story has a good pace, worthy of a novel, with as many twists and turns to keep the reader turning pages to the end. An excellent story, very well told, highly recommended.