Forthcoming New Book: Stargazing: Beginners Guide to Astronomy


Stargazing: Beginners Guide to Astronomy
by Radmilla Topalovic and Tom Kerrs
Pub date 06/10/2016 | £9.99
A fantastic new astronomy title from the Royal Observatory Greenwich and Collins, helping you navigate the world of telescopes, planets and celestial maps.

Offering complete advice from some of the world’s leading experts, Stargazing is the perfect introduction to the world of astronomy and an ideal companion to the hugely popular month-by-month Guide to the Night Sky.
Ideal for beginners, Stargazing tackles issues such as light pollution in inner-cities, and gives advice on the best equipment for all budgets so you can invest wisely and confidently, as well as detailing how to get the best from your set-up wherever you are. Don’t have a telescope? Never fear! The book also includes tips on how you can get started using just your eyes and smartphone – proof that anyone can find their inner astronomer!
Let experts and seasoned stargazers instruct you on….
• How to plan your stargazing
• What you can see with your eyes
• How to choose binoculars and telescopes and what you can see using them
• Help to explore in the Solar System and the Galaxy
• Seasonal star charts, constellation charts and specific objects to look for
Topalovis and Kerrs offer accurate, detailed explanations and easy to understand descriptions, supported with beautiful imagery throughout. A perfect book for anyone looking to start a new hobby or simply have a better understanding of our Universe. Stargazing is an essential handbook for all starting out on their journey through the stars.

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