Wargaming Halloween Monstrous vehicles are unleashed in World of Tanks on console Xbox, PlayStation®4 andWorld of Warships PC


Wargaming Has Stirred Up Some Horrifying Events for Halloween

Monstrous vehicles are unleashed in World of Tanks on console Xbox, PlayStation®4
World of Warships PC

October, 2016 — This Halloween, be afraid. Be very afraid. When the portal between our world and another realm weakens, terror strikes both land and sea. An otherworldly horde has invaded, sparking an epic battle between good and evil in World of Warships PC and World of Tanks on Xbox and PlayStation®4.



From 27 until November 10, Earth’s fate will be decided in the unique World of Warships PvE mode, “Saving Transylvania”. In it, you can team up with players in a Division to keep “Transylvania”, a steamship, safe on the waters.

Your armada includes Blade, a destroyer with devastating torpedoes; Jackal sports two massive fists at its bow, perfect for ramming those pesky zombie ships, and Igor is a monster-of-all-trades, with spookily sputtering Tesla effects.

Once you have chosen your frightful ship, your mission is to protect and escort Transylvania to safety, while a flotilla of zombie ships and catapult fortifications, led by the devilish Rasputin, try to sink you every step of the way.

In tanks… no one can hear you scream! On October 28, the Monster Mash begins for World of Tanks on PlayStation®4, Xbox One and Xbox 360. Brave tankers can play on the creepily reworked Himmelsdorf map “Dead City” with the Spectre tank, along with “awakened” monster versions of the Revenant Kraft’s Panther, Lycan T71, Gorynych KV-5 and Kaiju O-I. Two challenging PvE modes “Beware the Full Moon” on Himmelsdorf Night and “Hunt the Revenants” on Thiepval Ridge will be the ultimate showdown between the Spectre and “awakened” monster vehicles. Half-beast, half-tank, ALL HORROR!

For more information on Halloween events, visit the official websites:

World of Tanks Console: https://console.worldoftanks.com/
World of Warships:
http://worldofwarships.com (North America)
http://worldofwarships.eu (Europe)
http://worldofwarships.asia (Asia)

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