This Year’s Kydd Series Collectors Sets

This Year’s Kydd Series Collectors Sets

by BigJules

There will be two Collectors Set Offers this year — for Persephone, the next title in the Kydd Series (out in May) and for The Baltic Prize, the following book, published in November. As usual, the Collectors Sets comprise a signed, embossed and numbered UK First Edition of the book plus a signed cover postcard. The Sets are strictly limited to 500 in number. First come, first served!

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The Battle of the River Plate, a Grand Delusion


The Battle of the River Plate was an important propaganda coup 
for Great Britain and the Commonwealth. As such, there was 
inevitably some development of myth. The author has produced a 
very readable review of the action that reassesses the event. 
Highly recommended.

Warships After Washington, The Development of the Five Major Fleets 1922-1930


The Washington Treaty attempted much but delivered poorly. 
However, it introduced some very creative ways of designing 
and building warships to maximise permitted tonnage. The author 
has produced a comprehensive review of the Washington Treaty's 
impact on naval fleet development between the two World Wars. 
Most highly recommended.

Secret Days, Codebreaking in Bletchley Park

With the ending of the Cold War, an increasing number of accounts 
of work at Bletchley Park and its out-stations has been published. 
The author has produced a graphic human presentation of life at 
Bletchley Park and is one of the last surviving codebreakers of 
Hut 6. Most highly recommended.

Life in Napoleon’s Army, The Graphic Memoirs of Captain Elzear Blaze


This is a fine addition to the outstanding collection of classic 
works published, under the frontline imprint, on the Napoleonic 
Wars. This fascinating book reproduces the memoirs of a mid rank 
officer during the Napoleonic Wars. There is no photo-plate 
section but there are some charming pen sketches. A very worthwhile 
read of original source material.

Daring Raids of World War Two, Heroic Land, Sea & Air Attacks


World War Two introduced large numbers of special forces, some 
traditional raids from the sea, and large scale raids by air. 
This fascinating book covers a selection  of raids to illustrate 
the new scope for attacks on and behind enemy lines, with the 
blurring of military operations, intelligence and spying, a great 
read with some truly inspiring stories.