Vehicle Art of World War Two


 The title is slightly misleading because this book covers art 
applied to land, sea, and air vehicles of WWII, but also includes 
vehicle art in WWI and after WWII. The publisher has produced many 
books with large photographic content, reproducing in monochrome and 
full colour. This book falls into that category. The text flows and 
is very informative, but the illustration is essential and impressive.

A Spitfire Girl, one of the world’s greatest female ATA ferry pilots tells her story


A great story from a great lady. Few have had the privilege to fly a Spitfire. Even fewer have been women and now Mary Ellis flies a Spitfire again at 100 – Outstanding. This is an account by one of the young ladies who served their country in time of war, flying combat aircraft between factories, repair centres and RAF airfields, showing great courage. Just don’t miss this fantastic story. Very strongly recommended.

Discovering Kydd: What’s Your Story?

Discovering Kydd: What’s Your Story?

by BigJules

I recently posted this on Facebook – ‘One of my readers told me: “I stumbled upon Kydd by luck and subsequently devoured the rest in the series in just under 3 weeks.” I’m curious as to how others discovered my Kydd tales…’

The response was overwhelming, with great variety in how readers came across my books, ranging from a hotel library in Atyrau, Kazakhstan, to a gift from a loving American mother to a homesick son in Japan, to a recommendation from an external auditor!

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