Images of War, SS Specialist Units In Combat, Rare Photographs From Wartime Archives


This is an addition to the established and very popular Images of War series. The SS have received a great deal of coverage from historians although much of that coverage has concentrated on the many war crimes committed by SS personnel. This new book completes a comprehensive IoW series coverage of the SS. Highly Recommended.

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Cover Story: A Sea of Gold

Cover Story: A Sea of Gold

by BigJules

A book’s cover is basically the face of the work, reflecting its genre and what a reader might likely expect inside. These days it’s also important for a cover to look good as a thumbnail so that ebook browsers can readily spot what they’re interested in. I’ve been very fortunate in the covers of the Kydd Series – initially painted by the renowned marine artist Geoff Hunt, and now created by the very talented digital artist Larry Rostant, who’s been behind the book jackets of Clive Cussler, Simon Scarrow, Con Iggulden and many other famous authors.

So just how was the stunning ‘face’ of A Sea of Gold created? A big thank-you to Assistant Editor Thorne Ryan for taking us behind the scenes of my latest Kydd tale.

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