Lockheed Constellation, A History

The Lockheed Constellation was an elegant airliner that grew from pre-war work to design and develop a four engine airliner with pressurized cabin and trans Atlantic range. At a time of conversion of bomber designs, the Connie was a stylish civil airliner that was also to be employed in military roles Very Highly Recommended

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Birlinn Books – Notes from the Basement

Tuesday, 14th September, 2021
Many congratulations to Polygon poet Hannah Lavery, who has been recommended as the next Edinburgh Makar. | [Bookseller, Edinburgh CC]Hannah will be headlining the inaugural Push the Boat Out Festival, with a performance of Blood, Salt, Spring on 16th October. It’ll be a sneak preview of her debut collection of the same name, which is coming in February 2022. | [PTBO]

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Pre-order Jeffrey Archer’s latest book 📚

An unputdownable story of murder, revenge and betrayal from the number one bestseller Jeffrey Archer.

You can order this beautiful edition of the rollercoaster thriller of the year while stocks last. Underneath the dust jacket of every hardback first edition of Jeffrey Archer’s OVER MY DEAD BODY, you’ll find these stunning gold foil boards, complete with the author’s signature.

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