CA News: Updates to European Inland Waterways Cruising Guides

Cruising Association European Inland Waterways Cruising Guides   

updated for 2021

Print and digital editions of the Cruising Association’s (CA) main European inland waterways cruising guides have been published for the 2021 season; namely, Cruising the Inland Waterways of France and Belgium, Through the Netherlands via the Standing Mast Routes, 50 Great Cruising Routes in the Netherlands, The German Rhine, and Cruising the River Moselle/Mosel have been published by the CA’s European Inland Waterways Section (EIWS).

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The Long Range Desert Group In The Aegean

After victory in North Africa, the Allies still had to deal with Axis Forces around the Northern shores of the Mediterranean and there was a new life for the LRDG Special Forces. The author looks at the much under-told story of British actions in the Eastern Mediterranean. Focus moved to Sicily, Italy and France but there were still important actions needed in the Aegean. Very Highly Recommended Continue reading

Safety Is No Accident, From ‘V’ Bombers To Concorde, A Flight Test Engineer’s Story

The Air World imprint is proving to be the home of some outstanding aviation history and this new book looks at safety through the eyes of a flight test engineer who has worked on some of the finest and most innovative aircraft of the post WWII period. The author provides a very readable narrative, offers fresh insights and is supported by a fine selection of images, many in full colour. Very Highly Recommended Continue reading

First Canadian Army, Victory in Europe, 1944-45

Britain received enormous loyal support from the Commonwealth nations, during WWII, and the Canadians provided one of the major contributions in terms of trained men and materials. The authors have the story of the First Canadian Army through the days of European liberation, where they were frequently in the thick of the fighting and giving a good account of themselves. By printing in full colour, the publisher has been able to embed a selection of images in full colour and in B&W as available. Very Highly Recommended Continue reading