Late Debate: Designing the Tube at London Transport Museum


Late Debate: Designing the Tube

London Transport Museum

Thursday 26 January 2017

Circuit training for the Brain

Interactive talks and debates:

  • Off the Rails: Learning from the past and influencing the future
  • Connect or forget: Explore how changes to the network shape communities
  • Delight and surprise: Art, ads, culture? What makes your journey matter?
  • Tales from Weaving Futures: Fast paced designology studio presentations

Serious play activities:

  • Bar and live music
  • Network mapping on a big scale
  • Secrets behind the Tube map
  • Illustrate an idiom: exploring station design
  • Digital weaving
  • Meet the authors and designers


Give your brain a New Year workout during London Transport Museum’s fun Late Debate on the evening of 26 January 2017. Guests will be able to enjoy interactive debates, talks and workshops, as well as a bar, live music and the Museum’s special Designology exhibition.



Guests will have the chance to join one of four keynote talks and debates by leading industry experts, designers and authors.


  • Off the Rails: Learning from the past and influencing the future: In this panel discussion, expert historians, authors and contemporary designers will explore designing for the railways, sharing learning from the past and debating recommendations for the future.
  • Connect or forget: Powered by New London Architecture: Work with New London Architecture and a panel of expert speakers to consider how the Tube and wider transport network has the ability to connect or forget regions and communities.
  • Delight and surprise: Explore how our journeys can be impacted through moments of delight and surprise, and how such moments make us a world class leader in design. Give your views on how important it is for our stations to celebrate heritage, promote a sense of nature, engage with art and culture, and make an impact through well curated advertising.
  • Tales from Weaving Futures: Powered by PechaKucha*: Enjoy a PechaKucha of textile tales, design debates and weaving wonders. All brought to you by the designers, artists and industry professionals involved the Designology Weaving Futures studio programme.



As well as debates and talks guests can get involved in some fun but serious play, offering the chance to explore and create, as well as enjoy the Museum and network with other guests. Serious play activity includes:


  • Live music: Busking sounds of voice, harmonica and hammered dulcimer* extraordinaire Ben Henry Edwards, accompanied by Sam Lewis.
  • Network mapping: Work with New London Architecture in a giant mapping activity. Use coloured threads to highlight and explore the web of our combined modes, routes and communities across London, inspired by the Connect or Forget debate.
  • Secrets behind the Tube map: Work with Tube obsessed Londonist Video Journalist Geoff Marshall to explore the history, anomalies and oddities of our much loved London Underground Map. Then have a go at creating your own Tube map for London.
  • Illustrate an idiom: Explore station design through our new Crossrail exhibition and Transport for London’s beautiful Underground Station Design Idiom. Then have fun coming up with your own station designs and idiom illustrations.
  • Digital weaving: Drop into the Designology studio and meet our resident Weaving Futures curators and weavers. Watch live weaving on a state-of-the-art TC2 digital jacquard loom and try your hand at a ‘weave inspired’ activity.
  • Meet the authors and designers: Meet David Lawrence, author of British Rail Designed 1948-97, Nick Tyler, author of Accessibility and the Bus System: Transforming the World and Wallace Henning, Designer at Koto, who has just succeeded in reproducing the British Rail Corporate Identity Manual.

Hosts and speakers in alphabetical order include: David Lawrence, Kingston University professor and author; Declan McCafferty, Partner at Grimshaw Architects; Dominique Caplan, Gainsborough Weaving; Geoff Marshall, Londonist Video Journalist; Glenn Iceton, Group Agency Sales Director, Exterion Media; Jessica Vaughan, Curator of Art on the Underground; Larissa Kunstel-Tabet and Renee Verhoeven, Takram; Linda Florence, printed textile designer and senior lecturer Central Saint Martins; Mike Ashworth, Design & Heritage Manager at London Underground; Mike Walton, London Transport Museum; Nick Tyler, University College London professor and author; Paul Priestman Designer, Chairman of PriestmanGoode; Peter Murray, Chairman of New London Architecture; Philippa Brock, Weaveshed; Sam Richards, Head of Urban Integration at Crossrail; Samuel Dempsey, Product & Critical Designer; Wallace Henning, Designer at Koto and reproducer of the British Rail Corporate Identity Manual; Will Sandy, Edible Bus stop. All other speakers and contributors to be announced in January 2017.


  • 18:45 Doors open
  • 19:00 – 19:45 Tales from Weaving Futures – PechaKucha Round 1
  • 19:15 Serious Play, guests have the chance to take a circuit around the Museum to meet experts, take part in activities, enjoy live music, a bar and other interactions.
  • 19:50: Mike Ashworth to open the debates
  • 20:00 – 21:00 Debates and talks start
  • 21:00 Serious Play, As above
  • 21:15 – 22:00 Tales from Weaving Futures – PechaKucha Round 2
  • 22:30 Doors close


The Late Debate is part of the Designology exhibition which celebrates London’s internationally recognised iconography and explores the influence that thoughtful and persuasive design has on our daily experiences of the urban environment.


The exhibition is accompanied by a wide programme of events including themed adults-only Friday Lates, talks and Late Debates, as well as a pop up design Studio – an exciting part of the exhibition space which gives visitors of all ages the chance to meet professional and student designers in residence and get involved in their work.


Tickets to the Late Debate cost £12 (£10 concessions) and are for adults only (18+). Tickets can be bought online at Guests who enter the code LATEDEBATE save 25% if you book online. For advance booking information, call +44 (0)20 7565 7298.


Designology and the Late Debate are part of London Transport Museum and Transport for London’s Transported by Design season, supported by Exterion Media. The 18-month programme of events and exhibitions will explore good design on the transport network and its role in the lives of the millions of customers who use it each day.


2017 at the British Library: Russian Revolution, Harry Potter, Jane Austen and much more

2017 at the British Library: major exhibitions on the Russian Revolution and the magic of Harry Potter, and Jane Austen’s teenage writings are reunited for the first time in 40 years

Letter from Vladimir Lenin requesting the use of the Reading Room at
the British Museum (now Library) using the pseudonym ‘Jacob Richter’ (c) British Library

Today we reveal the British Library’s cultural highlights for the year ahead, including:

•    Russian Revolution: Hope, Tragedy, Myths, a major new exhibition commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution
•    Title announced for exhibition celebrating the 20th anniversary of the publication of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in the UK
•    The personal archive of writer P.G. Wodehouse comes to the British Library on loan
•    Jane Austen’s teenage writings reunited for the first time in 40 years
•    British Library treasures go on tour to China for the first time
•    Material from 20th century playwrights, including Joan Littlewood and Terence Rattigan, to go online on our Discovering Literature website
•    Brand new portraits of some of Roald Dahl’s best-loved characters painted by Sir Quentin Blake to be displayed in a new free exhibition space

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From Journey’s End to The Dam Busters, The Life of R C Sherriff Playwright of the Trenches



A comprehensive account of the life of R C Sherriff, junior officer 
and famous writer. One of the WWI survivors who made a lucrative 
career as a novelist, playwright and screenwriter. His movie work is 
still very well known but not the man. This book provides a full 
picture – great read.

American Airline’s Secret War in China, Project Seven Alpha WWII.



This novel is based on true experiences and fits into a growing number 
of books and films where it might be accurate to regard them as 
dramatised histories. Its a great read and it covers one of the least 
known major efforts of WWII, the air bridge to supply China. Easy to 
see why the book received the Gold Medal Award of the Military Writers 
Society of America.



The Decoys, A Tale of Three Atlantic Convoys 1942



With all the thousands of books published since 1945 about WWII, it 
seems impossible that any incident has escaped close attention from 
every possible angle. Here is a book to prove that there is much still 
to emerge. The author has made a first rate job of researching his 
subject and presenting a convincing account with credible conclusions. 
It is a contentious set of topics and an enthralling story. Strongly 

Flight Craft, English Electric Lighting



The publisher's Flight Craft series is rapidly becoming the standard 
reference series for serious modellers and model engineers. This new 
book covers the remarkable English Electric Lightning in all of the 
detail this series is famous for. There are the usual high quality 
full colour drawings, together with outstanding photographs, many 
also in full colour. Highly recommended for modellers, but also an 
excellent book for anyone with an interest in aviation.

History of British European Airways, 1946-1972


Lavishly illustrated with rare photographs, including full colour, 
this book charts the history of British civil aviation from the end 
of WWII until the merger of BEA and BOAC to form British Airways. 
Considering the number of civil aircraft flying since 1945, it is 
surprising that more books have not been published on their service. 
The author provides a very welcome and well-researched account of BEA, 
and its aircraft, which is a pleasure to read.